Quirq Sellers is omni Channel Platform and Payment cycle for Online and Offline Sales differ.

1. For Online Sellers

Quirq pays all its Sellers via NEFT. We follow D+7 for Payment Schedule, i.e. 7th Day from the date of Delivery to the customer.

2. For Offline Sellers(Or Sellers Selling in Retail Stores)

Sellers who will sell on Quirq's offline retail stores, settlements/payments for the sale of the products in Retail Stores, will be settled, once invoice is shared respectively.

  • Invoice shared by 5th day of the following month of sale, will be settled by 8th Day the month.
  • In case you share it after 5th Day of the following month then settlement will be done in 3rd week (approx. 17th) of same month.

Invoices shared after 3rd week of the month will be settled by 8th Day of following month respectively.