Dear Seller, Creating new products is very easy. Once you register you will reach the below screen: 

#1 Listing Details

a) Product Name - Product name is the alphabetic name of the product which can be easily read by the customers. In case there is a variant of the product i.e. color, size etc Please add color as a suffix to the name of the product Example "Independence Tshirt Black S", S denotes the size 'small' of the Tshirt. This product can then be consider as a 'Parent Product' under which variants as a 'child' can be grouped together. In below image the red box shows the name of the product. Please click here to understand "How to Create a Variant?"

b) SKU- SKU or Stock Keeping Unit is a unique code given to a product by Seller. This code is not visible to the customer on website, but it can be used by seller to search SKUs in their Seller Panel. Example Of SKUs, If you have Tshirt as a product and it comes in different sizes then all are different SKUs; "Independence Tshirt Black S & Independence Tshirt Black 3XL" . In below image the red box shows 6 different SKUs of same design and color for Independence Tshirt.

c) Description- Description of a Product will include the inspiration behind the product. Product benefits. Who should buy

 the product. How is it different, special and unique? and Why should customer buy it? In below image the red box shows the description of the product.

d) Category- Please select one category under which the product fit. Selection of category is very important as many customers search products based on category.

e) Occasions- Occasions are pre-defined groups which customers may search while browsing.

f) Tags- Tags are keywords which customers may type to search your products.

g) Quantity- Please update the quantity of products available with you. Please note that this needs to be updated when ever the physical quantity of product with you increases or decreases. Please click here to understand " How to bulk update Product Quantity?"

h) Color- Product could be of single or multiple Color. In case the product is of multiple color, type the primary color of the product. In case the product has too many colors then you can choose the option as 'multicolor'

i) Size- Size of the product could be for Category as Fashion, Home Decor etc Some Products such as Apparels, Foot wear, Accessories etc need size to be displayed for customers to gain clarity and avoid sales returns.

j) Gender- Gender could be attached to a product for improving search of the product. In case gender cannot be assigned, please choose 'Not Applicable.

k) Material - Product Material is material of which the product is made.

l) Style- Product style could be same products in different shape or style. Example Sleeve less or Full Sleeve Tshirt.

m) Make - Product Make is the make type of a product

n) Product Dimensions- This is the dimension of product in centimetres.

o) Variant- Variant Setup is very important. If a product has variants in form of color, size or style etc. You can create variant by defining the property or attribute

#2 Personalize Products

#3 Product Pricing

#4 Product Photos

#5 Shipping