Variant of a product is the same product but with one or more than one different attributes/ properties. Every Variant is a different SKU. Example Of Variant, If you have Tshirt as a product and it comes in different sizes then all are different variants / SKUs. In below image the red box shows 6 different variants/SKUs of same design and color for Independence Tshirt.

Benefits of Variant- It lets the customer know that there are more variantions of same product in form of color, sizes etc on the same product page.

#1 Creating a Variant attribute

In below screen you can name an attribute/property of the product due to which there can be variants of the same product.

Example: A product is available in Wood and Metal i.e two types of material.

Hence, you can create a Variant by the name 'Material' and add 'wood' and 'metal' as the type of materials in which the product is available

Examples of Variants